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DrumGear DGS-B1450 Snare Drum

1mm Black Nickel Brass Shell, 10 Tube Lugs, Single Flanged Hoops

Snare Drum  

Kleur:  Black Nickel
Maat:  14 x 5

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DrumGear DGS-B1450

About Drum Gear


DGS-S1450-LTD-300pxDrum Gear makes high quality snaredrums, and has done so since 2007. Our goal is to make the best sounding snaredrums, give them a nice and classic design, put in some new ideas and offer them at an affortable price.


Drum Gear has become highly acclaimed among professional drummers and studios in just a few years.




There are three parameters that you need to consider: dimension, material and hoop style. These parameters will determine what kind sound you are going to get. By combining these parameters the right way, you will be able to achieve almost any snaredrum sound imaginable. It’s up to you…

  • Conditie: Nieuw
  • Kleur: Black Nickel
  • Maat: 14 x 5
  • Productnummer: 6762

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